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Shikshyalaya has extensive information on courses offered by different colleges and universities in Nepal. This information will be useful for the students to make proper career planning for their future academic endeavors. As for parents and educators, it will act as a guide while advising their children/students.

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Our Mission

In the present context, students prefer to go to educational hub cities to pursue their interested academic careers and enroll in any college without any research. In some instances, they may enroll in a better college but this may not be the case for all. Due to poor infrastructures, the students may not be capable to learn to their fullest capabilities. So, just to minimize this information gap, Shikshyalaya thought of being a bridge between students, and colleges/institutions.

Our Vision

One of the crucial decisions of a person is to choose a correct professional career. If the chosen academic is not compatible with the person’s personality traits, it doesn’t do any good. So, in the current scenario, a degree in accord with a person’s nature helps to achieve a professional career without stress in professional life.

Hence, Shikshyalaya strives to be the top online resource center that provides extensive resources on different career choices, making it easier for students to decide. 


Shikshyalaya possesses extensive resources on career-related queries and information on colleges. So students can utilize the resources for their benefit in preparing career plans.


Parents can utilize Shikshyalaya’s resources to guide their children in making the best career decision. They can help by searching best colleges and institutes offering the course their children would like to pursue. Alternately, they can provide valuable information about an academic degree.


As parents, educators can also utilize Shikshyalaya’s resources to guide their students to pursue the ideal career. With an extensive database of colleges operating in Nepal, they can search and suggest the colleges and institutions that offer the students’ interested courses.


Shikshyalaya helps colleges and institutions to display their courses offered and benefits that the students can enjoy. Through Shikshyalaya, Colleges and Institutions can generate highly motivated candidates for their academic sessions.

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Awesome portal. Absolutely  blown away  by the information provided

Sushant Mandhans
Research Student in Sociology

Shikshyalaya has given me and it has without a doubt spurred me on to take action. I have found their advice to be very pragmatic

Good job

Ranju Regmi

Shikshyalaya and their ongoing support has been invaluable for the growth and success of our careers.


Thanks To Shikshyalaya.  Helped me save alot of time

Rusen Malla

We needed some direction and Shikshyalaya has helped us to coach us to move forward  and achieve it.

Thank you Shikshyalaya.

Dipa Dangol

Shikshyalaya has been a great sounding board for me to understand exactly how I can start my career. The advice Shikshyalaya has given me in regard to career boosting has always been invaluable.

Sanjay Maharjan

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